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  1. Search in your spare time:There is nothing wrong in searching for employment in your after-office hours. Use the weekends or try getting up a little early so you can use an hour or two to do the searching.在空余時間里找:下班后找工作肯定不會錯,同時也可以利用周末或者早起一兩個小時找。

  2. Don’t use you work email:This is a common blunder a lot of job seekers make. It can also show that you are applying in your office-hours. Also, your office email IDpassword can be changed by the office.不要用你的公司郵箱:這是很多想換工作的人在找工作時犯的大忌,同時也能看出你是在上班時間申請。更何況,公司可以改掉你工作郵箱的密碼。

  3. Submit carefully:A lot of companies post anonymously. So make sure to research on the company you are applying to. You never want to end up applying to the same company you are presently employed to!仔細審核:很多公司是匿名發布招聘信息的,所以你要好好調查下你申請的公司的情況。你也不想到最后又被現在的公司雇傭吧!

  4. Ask but keep silent:This is a difficult thing. While it is necessary not to discuss with your colleagues that you are looking for a new job, it is also recommended that you ask close and trustworthy acquaintances for any references they may have for you. 悄悄詢問可信賴的人:這個并不容易辦到。你不必告訴同事你正在找另一份工作,不過你可以問信得過的熟人,他們可能會提供你一些意見。

  5. Network: You can join your niche specific groups, follow companies and your profile regularly to show that you are a knowledgeable person in your job. If you show a keen and genuine interest in this kind of networking, there are high chances offers will start pouring in from hiring managers themselves. 利用網絡:你可以加入和你求職相關的小組,關注各種公司并且經常更新你的信息,這樣可以表明你在自己工作的領域還是頗有見識的。如果你對這種求職方式感興趣并能加以利用的話,相信很多招聘經理都愿意向你遞出橄欖枝。